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We train youth and young adults for career opportunities and internships by providing professional branding and leadership development workshops and seminars.

Be a Professional in the Future!

A world where zip codes no longer define economic opportunity


Change the economic paradigm for under resourced communities by improving opportunities for advancement, empowerment and financial equity


We develop and position talent from under resourced communities for careers in well-paying fields such as technology, media, finance and health services to close the racial wealth gap. 


High School and College Students; Young Professionals; Mid-level Managers; Community Based Organizations; Technology, Entertainment, Health Services, and Financial Companies

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What is Yes2Jobs?

Yes2Jobs is an employment development program that prepares diverse and under resourced, high school, college and entry-level candidates for careers in Media, Technology & Finance

Are You An Employer or an Intern?


Do you want to positively affect your company’s bottom line and the career path of youth and young adults in Media, Technology, Finance and Bio-Tech/Healthcare Services?

What Can You Do? Provide intern positions for youth and young adults so they can learn and excel on a career path which can positively affect their lives and your bottom line.


Are you interested in a career in Media, Technology, & Finance?

Not sure how to get there? Yes2Jobs can help. Apply to be a member of our training class.

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Support us

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