What We Do

Yes2Jobs pioneers a transformative approach to economic empowerment in underexposed communities. By offering personalized mentorship and skill-building opportunities, we pave the way for advancement, empowerment, and financial equity. Our dedicated volunteers, fueled by compassion and youth empowerment, drive this mission forward, fostering a more inclusive and equitable future for all.

Three Pillars… The Foundation for Success


Expose and prepare students for a variety of potential career paths through professional branding and leadership development training.


Prepare college students to discover, develop and present their professional brands for careers; gain knowledge of workplace culture; prepare to compete for jobs and internships.


Career coaching and planning sessions; professional branding and leadership development service;   networking and mentorship opportunities.

Our History

Y.E.S. To Jobs was initially created in 1987 in response to the NAACP’s criticism that the music industry lacked diversity in management positions. The founders of A&M Records convened a group of other industry leaders and concluded that an increased awareness of career options and opportunities for minorities was crucial because, “people can’t be what they don’t know exists.” Y.E.S. To Jobs was so successful that in 1991 it was awarded an NAACP Image Award for opening the entertainment industry to minority youth. Y.E.S to Jobs eventually expanded to TV, Film, Telecommunications and Video Gaming. Many of the leaders in media today are Y.E.S alums: TV producer Carl Beverly, President & CMO of Warner Recorded Music Eric Wong, and the President of Motown Ethiopia Habtemariam. All give credit to Y.E.S. in helping them to launch their careers. Clearly Yes2Jobs has the experience to do this!!