April Showers, Founder Afro Unicorn

Karima Morris, Commissioner, District of Columbia

Christian Wimberly, Future Music Mogul

Yes2Jobs was essential and invaluable to my career in entertainment and any success that I have enjoyed. The skills, relationships, information, exposure, support and unprecedented access that YES provided this 15-year-old kid of a single mom, from the inner city of LA were priceless.
Carl Beverly
Co-Founder & Producer Timberman-Beverly Productions Elementary, Seal Team, Masters of Sex, Unforgettable, Justified
As the largest employer of YES students from the program’s inception, we hosted some exceptional young people. Some came back to us as employees and some pursued other interests, but all credit that early real-life work experience as the reason they went on to successful careers.
Helen Zeilberger
Former Vice President, Human Resources Warner Elektra Atlantic Corporation
It’s never too early to start pursuing your dreams. I got my foot in the door at 15 thanks to Yes2Jobs and I was presented with opportunities I might not have had otherwise. It launched me in a career I would have never known existed.
Lisette Garcia
Vice President International Distribution and Productions Sony Pictures Television